Saturday, July 25, 2009

My obsession started because of a cat!

This poor pitiful looking cat to be precise.
I supose the best place to start is at the beginning. My only child Megan was invited to go and spend a couple of weeks at a friend's house and I allowed her to go so off she went on her merry way. My husband is currently in Iraq and so I was left alone at home wondering what I was going to do with myself so I came up with the idea to make Megan (12), her friend (12) and her friend's brother (10) and two sisters (7 & 3) each a gift to take to them when I went up to get her. I wound up making Megan and her friend matching American Girl doll dresses 4 total since I let both girls pick out what fabric they would like. I asked what the 3 year olds favorite animal was and Megan went and asked and informed me that it was a cat. So off I went in search of a pattern and found this one on etsy. Adorable right? Well I decided to be adventurous and make her a pink cat. Not thinking that the nose was suppose to be pink. I decided to try black instead. Baaaaad idea! I didn't get a picture of that unfortunately. So then I thought ok gray and ripped the black out. LOL. This is how it turned out. Looks like a cross between a pig, a cat and a rat! I called it a catigat! LOL!
However I decided to try again and this time it turned out cute!
Dah dah dah da Princess Kitty!

Which in turn led to me making a mouse for her royal pink cuteness!

(The mouse was made from the book Super Cute Crochet.)

Which led to a purple octopus friend!

(The purple octopus was made from the book Amigurumi World - Super Cute Crochet)

Which led to this cute little horse that I made for the 7 year old sister who's crazy about horses!

(Pattern used is Amara the Unicorn even though I made it a horse instead)

But what really got me going were the anime amigurumi patterns that I started running across. We love anime!
All kinds of anime, and alot of the RPG games.
Some of our favorites are Cardcaptors, Studio Ghibli films (all of them), WoW, Final Fantasy(all of them), Kingdom Hearts (all of them), Rozen Maiden and alot of others and so I got really excited that I was finding patterns to be able to make some of the characters from some of our favorite anime movies or games.
I am currently working on making my own moogle pattern. I found a pattern for a moogle but after reading the pattern found that it was going to be pretty small and wanted one that is more true to size. I am writing the pattern down and hope to share it eventually.
Anyway I hope that you enjoy my enthusiam and the patterns that I will be sharing.
Happy Adventures in Yarnland!

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